Ordering A Surfboard

October 9, 2018 / Pani / Seabase News

For anyone, ordering a surfboard can be quite daunting; especially beginners. We understand that the board needs to be perfect for your unique self. It can’t just be a shop brought, ‘that has a pretty colour on it’ board. It needs to feel exactly right, and the surfer needs to connect totally to the board. So, how do you order your board making sure you don’t end up with one that doesn’t feel right?

Our shapers here at Seabase make our Quiver surfboards purely with passion, and control. We use the most accurate in-house machine cutter, operated by a shaper who surfs, and refined to even the smallest detail, start to finish. Our materials never fault. 100% quality guaranteed. We live and breathe to refine each and every board.

We have 5 simple steps that we think are the most important to do when ordering a surfboard.

  1. Research. What works for your friend Bill down the road, might not work for you. It’s such a delicate process to crafting the ideal board, and most store brought boards are stock dimensions. But we’ve got you covered. Our Quiver website shows all the different types of boards that we do, from a Guilty Pleasure, to a well known Fish, and shows the dimensions for each. We know what it’s like, though, to just be browsing on a website and not actually seeing the board itself.
  2. So, come and see us. Come to our hanger in Newquay, and we can show you our full range. We can show you boards we’re currently shaping and glossing, and can take you around our warehouse so you can see all the different types of blanks we have. We talk to the customer and try and get to know their surfing lifestyle to the best of our ability.
  3. Test. Try it before you buy it. We have lots of tester boards that we’ve made, all in different sizes and fashions. If you’re nervous about putting an order down for a board, come and pick up a tester, and try it out before you buy it.
  4. Design. As well as getting the correct size board, it’s also extremely fulfilling to have a design and colour on the board that really extenuates your surfing. You can have a bright orange board, or a simple white one. No idea what you’re after? That’s OK too. We can show you past boards we’ve made for customers for you to feast your creativity upon.
  5. We’ve got you. If you’re a beginner or a pro, we’re all surfers here, and with 50+ years of expertise, we know what will give you the ultimate surfing experience.

Getting the correct board is important. It can change your surfing lifestyle, and make you enjoy the waves instead of being frustrated with them.

To order a custom board, simple call us at Seabase. We’ll help you every step of the way.