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Buy the best GRP Polyester Resins and be sure of the job. Our famous FR20 Roofing Resin is quick, safe, easy to apply and 100% waterproof in all situations.  It’s so good it’s not just Lloyds Approved, it’s endorsed by our 1000s of GRP users worldwide, who’ve tried other products but keep coming back to ours.

While you’re here, take a look at our entire range of roofing products – everything you need to complete the job.  Basecoat Resins with excellent wet-out and adhesion. Topcoats for fast, tack-free, UV-resistant sealing. Pigments for any colour you like. (Who said roofs have to be grey?) Roofing Boards you can assemble even when it’s wet. Profiles and Trims for a perfect finish. Protective Gear so you can fix your roof in confidence. Tools that we use and trust ourselves every day. It’s all here. Save materials, save time and save hassle with Seabase GRP Roofing supplies.


Special Scissors for Fibreglass and carbon fabrics

Scissors for Fibreglass, Aramids and Carbon Fibre. We stock a range of high quality shears especially for fibreglass, aramids and specialist fibres. All our micro-serrated shears are ideal for glass and carbon fibres.  Micro-serrations cut more accurately, and cause less slippage, ensuring clean cut lines with minimum effort. Also suitable for aramids and synthetic fabrics suchRead More



  • Total protection from Seabase’s Absolute 100% Waterproof, 100% Quality guarantee. See our guarantee section for details.

  • For 40 years we've made & sourced the world's highest performing, lowest toxicity resins. We only sell what we use ourselves.

  • Everything you need for your roofing job all in one place. From tools & protective gear to boards, resins, topcoats & pigments.

  • We test every resin we sell for quality, light fastness, UV stability, strength, clarity and usability. All are fully guaranteed.