Ocean and Man: How US Blanks are making a difference.

October 9, 2018 / Pani / Seabase News

Clearer sustainability thinking where long-life and survivable supplants disposable:

MEGALERT! Hey, Meg here. Can you remember a time when you were walking down on your local beach, and it was completely clean from plastic? I can’t, but then, I’m young. I am horrified at the extent of plastic pollution we have in our oceans, ruining sea life around the world. Walking along Paignton beach the other day, watching the small surf, I picked up 6 plastic bags, 3 plastic bottles, and a Big Mac wrapper. The intimate connection we have with the ocean is something that many of us live by, and to see plastic taking over our ocean is heart breaking. Those here at Seabase have depended on the ocean all their working life – and hate to see the ocean drown in plastic when we’re often responsible. We are behind campaigns to reduce or eliminate plastic wherever possible. Seabase & Plastics.

So we’re pleased to see our suppliers, like US Blanks, changing plastic production and their view of sustainability. Apart from the strictest material control in the world (thanks to the US EPA), and the cleanest most-organised factory I’ve seen, the entire US blanks production facility is running on solar power alone, supplying their factory and returning power to the grid. They say ”We believe that responsible, sustainable business practices foster long term client and employee relationships and grow economies. We know that the surf community shares this belief so we’re excited to let them know that we are fully operational under the sun’s energy.”

The best supplier just got…well…better!  Tougher, longer lasting boards from greener, stronger foam are the answer to decreasing our pollution – the new clearer thinking where long-life and survivable supplants disposable. We’re on that quality wagon. A surfboard that lasts 10 years is better for us all, than one that lasts 6 months.

(We have never found a better blank partner than US Blanks. We’re not only so proud to work with them, but are stoked to spread the word of their viable green credentials).

Seabase have also battled to keep plastic waste to a minimum. Check out our article to read about how we’ve made small contributions towards reducing plastic.