Serving surfers since 1976

We started surfing in 1962. Our Kiwi founder, Murray Steward, was one of the early Newquay pioneers helping to popularise surfing in the UK and Europe. By 1976 we formed Seabase to sell gear to surfers because no one else was offering everything in one place. We bought, tried and tested countless surfboards from around the world but couldn’t find a brand that kept its promises. So in the early 80s, we made our own, which did.

100% Waterproof, 100% Quality.

Since then, Seabase has developed, shaped, glassed, polished and delivered over 25,000 surfboards worldwide. We’re a picky lot, constantly after the perfect board for the perfect wave. Which means we’ve always broken boundaries as we push the technology: parabolic boards in 1982, carbon rails in 1988, carbon fishing rods inserted into EPS foam for revolutionary flex in the ’90s. Today, our mission is purity of design, useful invention and absolute reliability across our entire range of surfboards & accessories. Discover Quiver range of boards to customise your ride, Seasoft for starter and family boards that’ll make you feel like a pro, and Beyond accessories that’ll keep you in the water longer, safer and happier. All backed by our famous Seabase quality guarantee.


Your Fin Setup; What’s best?

Fin Setups Every surfer is different. Some may ride with two fins, some may ride with 5. Depending on the individuals skill set, and the board itself, your fin setup can be crucial to enhancing your performance. Without a fin, your board will slide uncontrollably on the waves, making you look like a fish outRead More



  • Europe’s widest range of surf accessories all in one shop

  • If we sell it, you can trust it. We test & use every product here.

  • Patented Seaflex technology fine tunes board flex to suit the way you surf

  • We use bio-epoxy resins. Better performance for you, cleaner for our seas

  • Exceptional after sales service. We know surfing and are always ready to help.