Progressive techniques, creative thinking & rigorous testing since 1966.

No chasing the bottom feeders. If you want cheap and disposable, it isn’t here. If you want to make a surfboard that feels a trusting part of you when you’re wave hunting, Seabase materials do that. We’re obsessive; about the quality of our materials, the fine details and making boards surfers take to their hearts. Our products make surfboards that keep their pop; every time you paddle out they still feel like the first time. No slow dying when it leaves this place!

Although we’re out of mass production now, 35,000+ surfboards have been created in our factory using the same materials that you still buy today. We still design on CAD-CAM in-house and machine cut (Seashape®) and hand finish surfboards that bear our name, but now its a smaller, more bespoke factory. We put every product we sell through its paces, constantly feckling and improving, and guarantee their quality 100%. It’s why we supply worldwide to very particular customers.

Our in-house Quiver® surfboard range is a proving ground for manufacturing development and perfecting new materials. We contract out and oversee most of our board finishing now, but our custom shop, which doubles as a research base, is run by passionate surfers crafting hi-spec individual boards to order out of Resin Research Epoxy and superfused EPS from US Blanks®. (We also make the light, tough and long lasting rescue boards for the RNLI Coastguard here). A lifetime of love and experience goes into every item we sell, and every board we make. And that will never change.


How to template a surfboard

Templating a Surfboard from Seabase on Vimeo. When you are ready to buy take a look at our surfboard kits here!



  • 40+ years of surfing & material supply means we use every product we sell & guarantee their performance.

  • We craft from U. S. Blanks who offer exceptional quality, lowest waste and massive catalogue of shape options

  • We use & supply Resin Research Epoxy. Board makers swear by this resin, not at it. Easy to use, low toxicity, unparalleled UV stability.

  • Seabase are the only official distributors for Seabase by Hexcel fibreglass cloths that guarantee clean, clear finishes and superb resin absorption.

  • Browse Europe’s biggest choice of Fins & Fin Systems - a range reflecting our constant search for quality and performance.

  • You’re protected by Seabase’s Absolute 100% Waterproof, 100% Quality guarantee. See our guarantee section for details.