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Since the 1970s Seabase have shipped 1000s of tons of epoxies, coatings and related top quality gunk to demanding boat-builders and marine customers, such as the RNLI, and others around the world. We created our first resin back in 1977 (ISO 7X) because we wanted something stronger and whiter than anything available on the market at the time. Things have moved on a lot since then and we’re proud to now stock not only the best, but also the easiest to use and least toxic resins in the world.

We thoroughly test every resin we sell for quality, light fastness, UV stability, strength, clarity and usability. All are fully guaranteed. We will not sell inferior resins or coatings because it’ll harm you – and your marine craft.

Our wide range of Marine Resins and Coatings are clear and UV stable, with high wet-out and excellent strength. From our Lloyds Approved Marine LR Resin to the refined Seabase Marine QS10M Polyester Resins for marine craft where UV stability and ease of use are primary requisites. We stock and distribute the USA produced Resin Research range of epoxies; a new generation of safe-to-use epoxies that push lamination to new levels of productivity and quality. With a simple 2:1 mix ratio, UV stability, toughness, speed and safety, we can sell them with total confidence and we like that.


Epoxy Resin: Is BIO the right way?

A buzz word has grabbed the attention of “woke” carbon luvvies in the chemical world. BIO. A resin with BIO content, how green! How now! How carbon-neutral is that? Well the truth could be quite different. Firstly, its more expensive to produce a resin with some BIO content. That matters because its not helpful makingRead More



  • We personally test and use every marine product we sell

  • Fast worldwide delivery

  • Expert advice all part of the service

  • Resin Research Range is much safer than standard epoxies

  • Cleaner and easier to use.

  • Solvent-free.

  • No formaldehyde

  • 100% waterproof, 100% quality

  • Huge range of resins, coatings & kits everything you need for your marine project is here

Tougher, Clearer, Safer, Easier, Stronger Resins.