CSM 600 gm Lloyds Approved 32 kg roll

600 gm High Quality Chopped Strand Mat for all applications, including Marine use and Roofing. Lloyds-Approved for Marine applications. Use with Lloyds Approved Seabase Roof FR 10M or Seabase MARINE LR 10M Polyester Resin for a total marine solution. This is another guaranteed HQ product from Seabase. Sold per kg…..more below

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600 gm Lloyds Approved Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) for all applications, especially Roofing, but excellent for Marine use and all General Purpose Applications where total water-proofing is a pre-requisite. Superb wet-out, easy to use, does not fluff or crumble. Lloyds-Approved for all Marine applications. Use with Seabase Roof FR 20M for roof applications or Lloyds Approved Seabase MARINE LR 10M Polyester Resin for a total marine solution. There really  is no better cloth or resin you can buy. After 40 years, we know.

Price is per Kg. Rolls are usually 35 kgs.

Note: We do not sell inferior CSM’s that are less consistent in fibre spread, and are more loosely and randomly bound. These CSM’s can cause early structural and cosmetic failure.