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Special Scissors for Fibreglass and carbon fabrics

June 6, 2018 / Pani

Scissors for Fibreglass, Aramids and Carbon Fibre.

We stock a range of high quality shears especially for fibreglass, aramids and specialist fibres. All our micro-serrated shears are ideal for glass and carbon fibres.  Micro-serrations cut more accurately, and cause less slippage, ensuring clean cut lines with minimum effort. Also suitable for aramids and synthetic fabrics such as Dyneema, Innegra etc.  We advise keeping a separate pair of scissors for fibreglass/carbon and aramids.  Mark your scissors accordingly and don’t mix them up – this increases the cutting edge of your tools enormously.

The way to tell if a pair of scissors are suitable for the job at hand is by relying upon their construction’s ability to cut rather than lateral pressures of your fingers.  A pair of scissors that cuts everything and never gets dull do not exist.  Resharpening services exist.  Check they offer a micro-serration as part of their resharpening services. Available as left hand or right hand, in a variety of sizes.