Beyond® Slipper Bag 5’6″- 6’7″ Shortboard

The Beyond® Shortboard Slipper day cover for boards from 5’6″ to 6’7″. Replace the fabric towel sock with a waterproof 3 mm board bag so your car doesn’t get covered in wax, sand, and salt water. A quick-use waterproof surfboard day bag designed for easy in car or on scooter use, or as an additional protector in the Beyond 4-Trekker and 4-Roller travel bags. Keeps boards cooler and cars cleaner – and doesn’t stick in the bag. Lighter, whiter, reflective protective covers from creative, inventive Beyond. 100% quality guaranteed. See more below…

Beyond® Accessories – Beyond the Expected.


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No surf and the boards lay in 30 deg heat under the car all day. Day-break – a cold frosty day break, there were lines to the horizon. It seemed like mid-morning before the board sock was free of the cold wax. The wax-soaked sock wouldn’t come off – Slippers™ do! A neat, lightweight, reflective board bag – quick and easy to do with a slick internal coating for easy in-easy out surfboards. If its wet, and you’re cold, the Slipper™ is a quick slide away. Keep your car clean & dry, keep the board waxed and ready. A Seabase innovative solution to sheer surf convenience. Use as extra protection when travelling (made to go into our Travel Bags) and have a day bag when you get to the beach. Comes complete with a carry handle, extra nose protection and non-jam zips. The brilliant new Slipper™ – a quick-use bag, replaces the old waxy, dirty sox.  Quick to use, waterproof, protective.

The Beyond® Shortboard Slipper for boards 5’6″ – 6’07”. Chuck out the dirty sox and get into a clean Slipper.. A light, white reflective &  protective quick-use waterproof bag designed for easy in car use, or use as additional protectors in the Beyond 4-Trekker and 4-Roller travel bags. Keeps boards cooler and cars cleaner – and doesn’t stick in the bag. Made roomy for wetsuits and other necessaries. Available as a 5’6″ (1.68 m), 5’8″ (1.75 m), 6’0″ (1.83 m), 6’3″ (1.93 m) and 6’7″ (2.01 m) Shortboard bags. The next step bag is our Beyond® Daytripper range of travel bags.

  • Keeps boards cooler and cars cleaner – doesn’t stick in the bag.
  • Made from Beyond’s own very tough 3 mm closed cell padding.
  • Coated in a non-rip high denier fabric. Washable.
  • Weighs 1.3 kgs approx. Better airline experiences. Scooter happy.
  • Reinforced nose. Reinforced stitching in critical areas.
  • Space for wetsuit and fins etc.
  • Carry handle and reinforced fixed shoulder strap included.
  • Non-corroding non jam zipper.
  • Unique crinkle heat-reflective finish.

Invented and designed for wider boards, this quick and easy Beyond Slipper Bag covers and protects your precious stick. Keeps boards cooler and cars cleaner. Use as a scooter bag, or a carry bag on the surf trips. Add one to the travel bag as extra protection & use when you get there! Available in shortboard, funboard and longboard sizes/shapes.

Our intense concentration on design and  manufacturing and value for money are the result of two years of careful thought and analysis from famous product designers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Our effort and investment goes into research, not endorsement. You get total quality at great value. The Quiver® team world-wide fully respects the Beyond range – so will you.

Beyond Accessories – Beyond the Expected.