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Beyond Board Bags Explained

September 8, 2017 / Murray Steward

Beyond™ Accessories:

50 years of tugging board bags around the world (and sleeping in them), surfing with leashes that break at the sniff of a tube, and sliding off grip on the lip – all experiences resulting in the fresh, innovative design of The Beyond™ Surf Company; a new range of surf accessories featuring measurably proven strength and design characteristics taken to new levels of safety, security and performance. Our customers wanted fresh, new and innovative thinking and design from us and we’ve delivered.  We worked closely with designers around the world and with engineers at the hugely respected University of Plymouth’s Marine Technology department, tested to breaking point by our team; the Beyond™ range of accessories promises a new era in surf accessories.

Beyond™ Board Bags – the highest quality:

No surf and the boards lay in 30 deg heat under the car all day. Day-break – a cold frosty day break, there were lines to the horizon. It seemed like mid-morning before the board sock was free of the cold wax. The wax-soaked Sock wouldn’t come off – Slippers™ do! A neat, lightweight, reflective board bag – quick and easy to do with a slick internal coating for easy in-easy out surfboards. If its wet, and you’re cold, the Slipper is a quick slide away. Keep your car clean & dry, keep the board waxed and ready. A Seabase innovative solution to sheer surf convenience. Use as extra protection when travelling (made to go into our Travel Bags) and have a day bag when you get to the beach. Comes complete with a carry handle, extra nose protection and non-jam zips. The brilliant new Slipper™ – a quick-use bag, replaces the old waxy, dirty sox.  Quick to use, waterproof, protective.

Need a step up bag for car roofs and extra boards? The Day Tripper™ day-use bags are 8 mm thick (20% more protection than others) yet are light and long lasting, with double stitched seams, the best quality jam proof non-metal zips, all made with our 100% quality 100% waterproof sign-off. Covering the new range of shorter, lighter surfboards, including Twins, Hybrids, Retro and Longboards,  these multipurpose Beyond™ board bags are all you need.  Look for the multi-board 4-Trekker™ and the popular 4-Roller™ 12 mm wheelie bags rounding out the board cover range. Our travel bags are receiving rave reviews from travellers everywhere – great value, total quality, long-lasting. Invest, don’t divest. Use with the new Slipper™ to give over 20 mm of travel protection. Beyond Body board Bags round out the range….

Leashes (that don’t break):

There’s form and there’s function. A lot of fancy designed leashes out there – all apparently unbreakable. We designed our leashes from scratch to be as we’d like them – from the beginnings with the flawless and tough German urethanes, tripe stitched high denier fabrics, and the uniquely designed Grapple™ moulded flexy leash connector – the critical point of difference that re-directs the stress away from the cord, and spreads the load at the breaking point of the urethane. These leashes will stretch over 20′ – three + times their length, and still not fail. Comfortable, slim fitting ankle (and knee) straps are padded, with quick release tabs and key holders. Look, honestly, we’re not exaggerating performance. So many surf schools choose these leashes – and pay a premium – because they last. So many customers return to buy them. See the video of our leashes being stretched to the limit – and see whose leashes fail first.

One last point. There are new materials out there. But we, like a few others, prefer function – and always will. Unbreakable? Prove it yourself. (We will check for fin cuts though!)

Grips – or Deck Pads (that grip):

To design our pads we fixed cameras to boards and analysed placement, water flow, angles, foot sizes – the works. (See the University of Plymouth’s Marine Department design specs) Then we had to get the materials the suited – not too hard it was like walking on prickles, not so soft it wore away. We got it right. The perfect multi-layer hand cut grips. So comfortable, so perfectly cut, so reliable. Backed with 3M adhesives for total assurance, these deck grips will not let you down. Promise.

Beyond™ Accessories – Beyond the Expected.