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Fitting FCS II Plugs:

mars 9, 2018 / matt.chugg

How to fit FCS Original FCS II Plugs.

You’ will have chosen your preferred fin system. We still prefer the original FCS system above Futures and fit it as standard, but FCS II is gaining in popularity, and Fusion of course is the choice for EPS/Epoxy boards. Here is the definitive video on fin fitment as defined by our factory and these boys should know, they’ve been fitting them for thirty years or more.

We’ve combined all three FCS systems – the method is similar, you just need a variety of different tools. Seabase has a Fin Fitment Loan Scheme – enquire for details. (All you need for one week’s loan – deposit required, terms apply.)


FCS II Original Plugs:

Choose FCS II Originals. Ideal for PU or EPS foam. Decide the angle of your fin setup -3°, 5° or 9° offset.  You need 2 x side plugs and 1 x centre plug for a thruster setup. For a quad surfboard 4 side boxes. For a five fin 4 side boxes and 1 x centre box. FCS II boxes are added before laminating the board. Measure and mark the plug centres. Drill according to instructions in this video. Fit carefully, sand and seal. (You should seal the fitting to prevent any water ingress. Use a good speedcote around the area).