Seabase distributes the following brands throughout Europe from our base in Newquay, UK, from our new centralised distribution warehouse in Hossegor France, from our warehouses in Penich, Portugal, Dublin, Ireland and Auckland, New Zealand. For more information go to our contacts page.

Wholesale Division:

We supply the following products to manufacturers of surfboards throughout Europe.

US Blanks

The world’s finest and best selling surfboard blanks. With over 5,000 combinations of plugs, lengths, types and rockers, US blanks is the best solution to the shapers immediate needs – with or without the need for a shaping machine. NEW FORMULA! Now available, the latest high strength liteweight red US Blanks – the perfect strong light board core! Nothing comes close….

Hexcel Fibreglass

In the early days Seabase worked closely with Hexcel to develop this range of surfboard fabrics – the cleanest, clearest fabrics you can buy – guaranteed.

Silmar Resin

Still the industry standard and the best polyester resin for laminating available.

Aerialite Fibreglass

The exciting new fibreglass from the USA – extremely bright, clear and white with a very fast wet-out – these cloths are fast becoming the industry favourites.


A stronger, whiter, longer lasting and tougher surfboard resin at a small premium. This will be the base of a new resin for 2010 offering far stronger surfboards with fast gel and cure times.

Fins and Boxes

The famous Fins Unlimited, founded by the Bahne Brothers and universally lauded as the best for moulded boxes, plugs and high quality fibreglass fins.

Resin Research Epoxy

Brilliant new odour free and low toxicity Epoxy Resin. The basis of all Quiver performance boards and our reputation for strong longboards. Look out for the Seflex and E-Series logo on all our epoxy boards.

Chemicals, Brushes, Tape

And all those essential accessories and all those Shaping and Laminating Essentials are all available from any of our warehouses, selected from those proven to work in the industry and to be clear, clean and effective in all processes. If we don’t have it – we’ll get it! Trust us. We will give you only the best in surfing products, and we will be here to ensure that you always get it and get it right. All the time. And we promise to match any price on like for like products. So you never lose out.

Retail Division:

Seabase is proud to be able to offer the finest retail accessories in Surfing!


The new name in premium surfboards. Ridden to the most European contest successes by any brand, and born from the unique and new US Blanks parabolic blank technology. Supported by Seabase’ new Seaflex system, using unidirectional carbon fibre rails on new superfused EPS cores, with balsa stringers, these surfboards really have to be ridden to be believed! Super light (if needed), superstrong, totally unique high performance characteristics of flex, quick rail to rail, and immediate response, Quiver is driving surfing in Europe right now. Ridden by 6 of the top 10 best surfers in the UK, and tested and proven in the toughest conditions in Europe and Australia. Unbelievably good. Free trial surfboards from the factory or our France office. Telephone for details….

Turtle Bay

A brand of surfboards intended as a popular and effective price-point surfboard, but one made to the same high standards as all other boards from the Seabase factory.

Sticky Bumps Wax

The USA’s favourite surfboard wax! By far the most popular wax in the USA, Sticky Bumps has been around since surfing began its huge surge in the 50’s. A range to suit all surfers; the new Tour Series sets new standards of glue for you…. Look out for the new fluoro wax in 2009 and 2010.

Seasoft Europe Surfboards

New for 2010 but already taking the surfing schools by storm, these new beginner boards are perfect for all ages and sizes of beginner surfers. Made from a top quality new type of foam, these tough, liteweight durable surfboards are in a range of four models and lengths of 6’04 Fish, 7’06 Funboard, 8’00 Mini-mal and a 9′ and 9’06 Mal.

SurfCo Hawaii

World famous for its noseguards, SurfCo have a range of safety products and repair kits unequaled in the surfing world. Based in Hawaii, SurfCo know their stuff. They are respected for the depth of their design and marketing. Good products, but being replaced in 2010.

Seabase Repair Kits

This cheap little kit is universally popular. The old style of repair most surfers know, with liquid catalyst and resin, and some fibreglass, foam and bits and pieces fore a clear repair. Available in Polyester (PU), Epoxy, Suncure and Universal styles in 2010. Repackaged for ease of travel. Plus a whole range of other products we have tried and tested before sale.

True Ames Fins

A range of fins are from the most famous designers in the surfing kingdom – George Greenough, Hobie, Velzey, Yater, Wayne Rich, Skip Frye, Walden, – names from a bygone era and those from the new era – these are top quality fins, beautifully made.