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Softboards – what you should know!

October 10, 2018 / Murray Steward

 50 years ago we rode rubber mats with handles. We learnt to stand on them and that was surfing! These days beginners are spoilt for choice. When we started making softboards we had those years of experience, but they had to meet requirements we knew would make a difference. We’ve been surfing all those 50 years. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Patrick – a Surf School owner – on his Seasoft funboard in France….Before you buy a softboard for yourself or your children ask:

  • Will it last? Are the urethanes strong and not easily degraded in the sun or by UV? Many fall apart after one season. Seasofts are very tough and will last years.
  • Can my children handle them? Seasofts are made for kids. They can carry them on their heads or under their arms. They are not heavy, and are easily handled.
  • Do the fins go through the board and are secured with strong thick screws? When they run them up onto the sand will you still have fins? Ours are tough….
  • Does the board have stringers? All good boards have two internal stringers -including all Seasofts except the 5’04” Torpedo & the 6′ which has one.
  • Are the stringers strong and waterproof and bound to the foam? If not, one leak and they’ll rot quickly. Seasofts use a secret method to bond waterproof stringers.
  • Is the glue strong & waterproof? The integrity of many softboards fail after one summer because of cheap glue. Seasoft use a super-strong adhesive.
  • Are the boards proven in Surf Schools? Seasofts are the choice of the best surf-schools, and even schools, particularly in France and Spain, but as far away as New Zealand.
  • Do the boards contain thicker slick bottoms for longevity? Thin slick bottoms fail quickly and become brittle. Seasofts are thick and long-lasting.
  • Are the boards reinforced internally? Some have ugly black exterior bumpers. Seasofts have built-in bumpers to protect the nose and tail.
  • Are the boards repairable? All Seasofts can be repaired relatively simply and cheaply.
  • Are the boards designed with correct rockers (bends) to make them easy to paddle? Not only are the rockers designed on Seasofts, we put in moulded areas that make the boards far more stable and easier to stand on. You will learn faster and have more fun on a Seasoft Surfboard because they are designed by surfers, for surfers. And kids. And parents. And grandparents.
  • Is there a leash loop on the back of the board to keep the board close? Yes, all Seasofts have a strong webbing leash holder in all fin systems.
  • Are their both stiff fins for advanced surfers, and soft (jelly) fins for beginners? Yes, Seasofts have a choice of both, and they are easily interchangeable.
  • Are they safe? Seasofts, Yes. Very safe. There are no sharp edges or dangerous surfaces, and the fins are flexible. It is all plastic, and very long-lasting.
  • Are they guaranteed? Yes. Against manufacturing faults, and against delamination. however, as in all sports equipment, since the care and use is beyond our control, guarantees against delamination, damage or breakage of the board or the fins or screws is not given or implied. We always have a selection of spares, and will always help with any issues you might face.
  • Are they cheap? No, but great value. We could make cheap boards but don’t.  Compare these with any other soft-board, consider the above, then decide.
  • Do you sell Seasofts second-hand? We don’t. They don’t last here one day! But any good Surf School that stocks them may sell them at the end of the season. And they make great buys.

Seasoft Europe & Seasoft Pacific are the best softboards you can buy.  Chosen by Surf Schools around Europe for learners, but used by serious surfers for the best frivolous summer fun! These SeaSoft Softboard are designed by Seabase and made for surfers and beginners alike – you will have more fun on these than any other surfboard – guaranteed. Safe, buoyant, flexible, these softboards surf well. Get surfing sooner! The up-to-date design has the rocker and rails of a modern surfboard, but the buoyancy and safety factors of the best funboards. This 6’00″softboard is made for stand-up surfing or as a bodyboard. Tough, flexible, soft, forgiving but oh so much fun for kids and serious surfers! Perfect for the youngest water lover to the oldest…..

Seasofts are in a range of softboards – the  5’04” Torpedo,  6’00”, 6’06”,  7’00” the 7’06” and 8’00” family funboards for total beach fun, and 9’00” mals for the bigger boys. Great for kids, or mum & dad, these boards are the most fun you will have this summer! Go to www.seasoft. eu for all the info.

Note: Although Seasoft Softboards are buoyant and float well, they are not a life preservative or a life saving vessel and must not be used unsupervised at any time. Always use with a leash to avoid a loose board hitting others. Obey all life guard instructions at all times. Always surf or swim in the correct flagged areas!