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How to: Template a Surfboard Blank

September 7, 2017 / Pani

How to Template a Surfboard Blank

In this video a highly experienced shaper show you how to template a surfboard blank using traditional surfboard hand shaping methods.  Wooden templates for basic models are available from Seabase.

John Isaacs loves surfboards – his famous Squire brand lives today. Steve Darch loves surfboards – a shaper for Quiver Surfboards in Cornwall. Tap into experience beyond the norm. Steve Darch comes from the traditional hand shaping background and has used templates as the basis for his boards since he came out of the womb sucking his planer.  Steve also uses the latest tech in CNC but still shapes several hand shapes every week for his demanding customers. Wooden templates for basic models are available from Seabase. If you’d prefer us to do the hard work for you then think about using our CNC cutting services where we can ship you a pre-shaped blank.


Narration by John Isaac. We only ever use US Blanks! Featured is a 5’10” Rich Pavel designed blank with a T-Band Pink & Black HD Foam stringer, white-glued for maximum effect. One of a variety of stringers in the US Blanks arsenal. Watch the video – ask us questions in the comments.