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Machine Cuts – CNC Pre-shape Service

September 7, 2017 / Pani

CNC pre-cut services by Seabase: everything you need to know for the most accurate Machine Cuts in the industry.

The machine:

We inherited a DGD machine that needed a bit of work. We refurbished it, re-designed the software for accuracy and speed, and put it in the hands of Professor Phil Hodge. We now have, without question,  probably the most accurate shaping machine in Europe. 1 mm in 3 metres (3,000 mm) accuracy. If you cut one of our US Blanks PU shortboards on our machine we’ll do it from £16. That’s because they have straight stringers and good foam. The machine takes all files – we can interpret most of them in house.

Time scales:

Time scale for cuts are normally 5 working days. Timer starts from the point that we confirm we will undertake the order. You provide a file in Akushaper (.brd format), SurfCAD, or Shape3D (.s3d or .s3dx format). Shape3D is the preferred format. See below for links to download the software.

CNC Pricing:

  • US Blanks polyurethane foam <= 7’0″ from £15* + VAT
  • US Blanks polyurethane foam <= 8’6″ from £20* + VAT
  • US Blanks polyurethane foam <= 9’8″ from £25* + VAT

* these prices are for ‘2nd time cuts’. If this is the first time you have cut this board file with us, then we charge a fee for selecting the right type of blank for your order, and checking over your board for errors that will stop CNC machine from cutting the board successfully. One bad file can ruin a £100 blank, or the machine head.  Subsequent cuts of the same file (or very similar files, adapted from the file we used to cut your first board) are then charged as ‘2nd time cuts’ at the preferential price listed above. This additional fee for first time cuts is £15. We email you the final file we used for your records as it will contain any amendments we made.

CNC Extra Pricing:

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

  • Out of house foam: £5 surcharge
  • EPS foam:                 £5 surcharge
  • We provide a file from our simple range with some modification allowed: £20
    • if you use our files, we price the cut as a ‘2nd time cut’ so it is cheaper for you
    • see our basic model range here
  • Premium service (order before 10 am, and we will cut the board within 24 hours, ready for despatch Monday – Friday):  additional £5
  • Professional checking/modification service by a real surfboard shaper (checks your board file for errors, best practices, makes adjustments, and makes sure you don’t end up with a dog):  £20 surcharge per hour / 1 hr minimum charge

Terms & Conditions, Software Download Links

  1. This list is not exhaustive – we are trying to provide a good value service for you, and sometimes we need to adjust how we do things to suit the majority of customers.
  2. We are not responsible for the quality of your design.
  3. All times quoted, including the premium service, are subject to our accepting your order, and selecting the appropriate blank for the file, and checking it is in stock.
  4. Payment is ‘in full, before despatch’.  Your contract with us starts when you confirm an order to us, and therefore if you change your mind at any point after you have confirmed your verbal or written order, you will be charged a reasonable amount depending on what work has been completed up to the full price of the normal charge.
  5. Shape3D software (our preferred software):  www.shape3d.com
  6. Akushaper software:  www.akushaper.com
  7. Read these help files before you start
    1. Best Practices
    2. Tips from Shape3d