Resin Research BIO-SCIENCE CE & XB Epoxy Resin Packs

NOTE IF BIO IS OUT OF STOCK USE THIS:  KWIK KICK by Resin Research is the perfect speed for making surfboards

Resin Research 2000 BIO-CE XB Epoxy Resin and Hardener from the new BIO-SCIENCE range. ECOBOARD approved. The ultimate Epoxy Resin. UV stable, clear (very clear), safe, quick, strong and easy to use, this is by far the greenest and safest epoxy resin available today. Easy 2:1 mix ratio for trouble free use for ultra clear laminates. This product includes 2000 BIO resin and a choice of hardeners.  More below…


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Resin Research BIO-CE ultra Epoxy Resin and Hardener. The ultimate Epoxy Resin. UV stable, clear (very clear), safe, quick, strong and easy to use, this is by far the best and safest epoxy resin available today. Easy 2:1 by volume mix ratio for trouble free use. Ultra clear laminates when used with the optically matched Hexcel by Seabase fibreglass.

This is one of the new Resin Research Bio-Science ECOBOARD certified plant-based epoxies with a reduced carbon footprint. The industry standard first surfboard-specific Epoxy Resin now offering qualified Eco options at acceptable price points. Don’t pay for inferior resins just for spurious BIO claims – buy the best with honest renewable BIO content. XB means Extra Blue – a flash additive for brighter finishes. XB cannot be used with tints or colours. Use with any of three hardeners to control gel and cure times. Additive F may be added to aid sanding and prevent blooming.

BIO-CE is a fast, safe and green hand lay up Epoxy Resin. As fast as polyester resins in many production scenarios. Mimics polyester resin in curing by thickening in a similar way but without the hard gel time. This system has only one speed.  With Ambient Temperature at 25 deg C, has a pot life of 18 mins and Set Time – Tack Free in 3 hrs. The balance of excellent colour, UV stability, varying hardener speeds, easy mix ratios, extremely low vapour pressure, excellent chemical adhesion and high gloss finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective and positive production contributor to everyone from the small craftsman to large scale producers.

  • State of the art Epoxy Resin. As good as it gets. Now the standard for Marine Craft Epoxy manufacturing. (Resin Research Epoxy is the specified epoxy resin used by the RNLI in their rescue craft production, the standard in Mako racing skis, and specified in 80%+ of European surfboard manufacture.)
  • Pure, refined, clean.
  • High Bio content and Ecoboard certified.
  • Ease of use – simple 2 : 1 mix by volume.
  • Superb wet-out.
  • Excellent class-leading UV stabilisation. Stays whiter far longer than other epoxies.
  • Very safe to use  – low sensitisation at every level.
  • Designed by one of the world of surfing’s iconic names – Greg Louer. (Nobody knows Epoxy manufacturing as well as Greg!)
  • Consistent gel and cure times.
  • Several gel and cure speeds – extra fast, fast, slow and extra slow.
  • Clear, bright and very white results when used with compatible Seabase reinforced by Hexcel fibreglass.
  • Tough and yet flexible when cured.
  • Cures in the presence of moisture and water.

Ordering:  This 2000 BIO CE XB Epoxy Resin can be used with either Kwik Kick or 2100 Hardeners. We recommend 2100F for most situations. For fast laminates use Kwik Kick Hardener. To mix hardeners order two packs with different hardeners i.e. for a 3 litre Pack order 2 x 1.5 litre Packs with 0.5 litre of each hardener. For a 6 litre pack order 2 x 3 litre packs with different hardeners. For very slow gel and cure time applications order 2100S. When fixing plugs, posts, stantions or boxes we recommend Resin Research 2100F hardener. 2100S is slow to gel and cure and may cause drainage.

 Ambient Temp:     (Part B)               21°C            25°C           32°C
Gel/set time (mins)    Kwik Kick     18/150      16/100        12/50
Gel/set time (mins)    2100F             22/180      18/120       14/60
Gel/ set time (mins)   2100S            40/360      30/270     22/180

Note:  Gel & set times are approximate and given as a guide only. Conditions vary. Test for your ambient temperatures and air movement conditions before use. 1 litre of Epoxy is approx 10% more than 1 kg of resin. For a normal gel and cure, use Resin Research 2000CE Epoxy Resin with 2100F (fast), 2100S (slow) and 2100X (extra slow) Hardeners. Use Kwik Kick Resin for faster times.  The Mix Ratio Sheet is ideal for easy mix references by volume and weight. Has your Epoxy thickened or gone cloudy? See why here…..

Another Ultra Resin from Seabase Resins & Coatings Division.