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US Blanks Applecore Stringers

July 18, 2019 / Murray Steward

Apart from the standard 4mm uni-directional Basswood PLY stringers, US Blanks offer a range of High Performance and  Applecore Stringers. (Special Order only – not stocked)

Appelcore Stringers is a multi-ply unidirectional laminated basswood stringer. It features a high-pressure, high-heat, NAUF glue line using EcoBind™ resin technology.  The most popular version is 3 plies of 1/24th basswood. The lamination process increased strength and predictability of the wood stringer. Additionally, Appelcore Stringers are available in a wide variety of color combinations. (Appelcore actually pioneered using color dyed veneers in surfboard stringers). Coloration is purely aesthetic and does not affect strength, consistency nor performance. The 3-ply Natural Bass performs the same as the 3-ply Rasta.

Owner, Bradley Appelcore, started Appelcore Stringers upon realizing the tremendous variation among wood grain and the need for a more consistent and reliable surfboard stringer.  There are a lot of variables that contribute to inconsistent grain structure in wood stringers: How straight is the grain?  Was it from the compression side of the tree or the tension side of the tree?  Was it quartered?  Was it flat-cut?  Was it summer growth or winter growth? The lamination process helps create a stronger more reliable stringer.  Appelcore Stringers’ lamination process increases both the strength and consistency of the stringer, and ultimately, the predictability of performance.  Predictability is important for a shaper who is refining their craft.  Shapers are already working under a variety of variables, so a consistent product allows them to fine tune their craft.


Appelcore Stringers, 3-Ply Options