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Seabase QS 10M Resin Information Sheet

April 27, 2018 / Murray Steward

Seabase QS 10M (fast) Surfboard Resin.

1.    Characteristics

Formulated for fast hand laminating production environments, this new, progressive and exceptional quality Seabase QS 10M Surfboard Resin is a high reactivity, methacrylated laminating resin with fast gel and cure characteristics. Recommended for all hand lamination, but suitable for all types of lamination.

  • Clear & highly UV stable – provides consistent whiteness for longer.
  • Very tough & flexible, resists denting and crazing.
  • Highly reactive with fast cure & gel times – flip more quickly.
  • Superb wet-out. Use with all types of cloth including fibreglass, CSM, flax and aramids.
  • Low Styrene Emission (LSE) with inhibitors for safer use. Low odour.
  • Pre-accelerated for room temperature use & fast gel. Requires less catalyst.
  • Versatile – made especially for surfboard use – suitable for all marine and general applications.
  • High Solids content.
  • Optically matched to “Seabase by Hexcel” fibreglass for ultimate laminate clarity.
Temp ▼ MEKP % ► 2% 1.75% 1.5% 1.2%
15°C 19 minutes 21 minutes 23 minutes 25 minutes
20°C 14 minutes 17 minutes 18 minutes 20 minutes
25°C 8 minutes 11 minutes 12 minutes 14 minutes
30°C 7 minutes 8 minutes 9 minutes 12 minutes


2.       Recommendations for Use

  • Mix product with thoroughly before use, using a flat stick or paddle.
  • Use a maximum of 2% Seabase HQ catalyst (MEKP or Peroxide).
  • To maintain mechanical properties, use between 21°C and 25°C. Post curing assist strength.
  • To ensure equal polymerisation, or hardening, blend the catalyst well before use.
  • Blend catalyst thoroughly throughout resin mixture, scrapping the container sides.
  • If over-laminating after 24 hours, lightly sand or key surface of cured laminate before applying.

3.       Packaging

Seabase QS 10M is available in 200 ml, 1 kg, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 kg, 225 kg barrels and 1 tonne IBC’s. All UN approved plastic containers for ease of handling and safe carriage and storage. All containers are recyclable. (Do not store below 5°C).

For optimum clarity, use with the Seabase by Hexcel range of optically-matched fibreglass cloths. Always use with Seabase HQ MEKP Catalysts for consistent gel times & quick & complete cures.

Note:  While Seabase takes every responsibility to ensure this resin is within specification and conforms to all current standards when sold, the company does take responsibility for any damage or claims caused by the use or misuse of this product, since its usage and application is outside the control and responsibility of the company.


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