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Seabase Ethics Statement

May 12, 2018 / Murray Steward

For 40 years, Seabase has subscribed to ethical business values. We are passionate about it. Our whole legal and business system is based on Judeao-Christian values, that serve us well. A lot of legislation is legally enforced – especially in France – but a lot is reasonableness. Good business is not cheap – and it pays not to cut corners.  As far as possible we like the same from our suppliers and employees.

This company pledges to:

  • Pay above the living wage for every employee. (The living wage is higher than the minimum wage).
  • Respect all people of every colour, race and ethnicity within our beliefs and within the law.
  • Offer working conditions that are respectful and empathetic, respecting working practices, holidays and time off above accepted norms.
  • Ensure safety at all times with sound and legal working practices.
  • Reject drug use and/or deals with those who run their businesses with the proceeds of laundering. Our industry is rife with drug abuse. Still.
  • Reject bribery , coercion, cheating and immoral practices in all our dealings. This includes from our employees. We will not endorse fraud or cheating of any type.
  • Pay out debts, taxes and rates, pay VAT, GST and TVA when and where it is due in its entirety.  Apart from slow payers, our industry is notorious for withholding taxes. Withholding or not declaring Value Added Taxes of 20% means honest competition is stifled. Our long term personal experience is the old adage that “cheats never prosper” is true, but a lot of  damage is caused in the meantime.
  • Use only UN approved, recyclable plastics. Even our packaging is completely recyclable, with cardboard and non-plastic packaging tape. See Seabase & Plastics for more information.
  • Have a zero-to-landfill policy. Every waste item is recycled as far as possible. Currently we are running at over 94%.
  • Deal ethically, morally and with our customers interests fully at heart. We will not intentionally miss-lead, lie or misrepresent ourselves or the products we sell. We consciously overfill all our products to deflect any charges of cheating or short-changing.
  • Aim for 100% quality in our product range and our service to you. We pledge to go beyond statutory law to ensure your best buying experience.
  • Believe passionately in free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. While we have strong views on behaviour, but we hold to the idea of free choice and free will. Man chooses his own destiny.
  • Oppose modern day slavery in all forms. Hidden slavery is endemic, even in the surf industry, with low wages, poor conditions, unreasonable withholding of rights.
  • Work actively towards equality and justice for the poor, incapable and unable. This company supports a single charity – Compassion – actively supporting poor children in nations across the world.
  • We know at first hand the death and destruction illegal drugs cause. Our company operates a complete drug-free policy on all its premises. We actively support anti-drugs charities. We do not condone drug use of any kind – recreational or otherwise. Its a moronic way of life – escapism with consequences. always.
  • We do NOT offer our products on Amazon, or any other large and merciless on-line company that undercuts our customer base. We are AMAZON Free.
  • Offer a personal service by phone, mail or e-mail and pledge to respond to the phone within three rings, and by e-mail within 24 hours.

We are not immune to errors or mistakes. We aim as far as possible to offer you, the end user value for money, continuity of supply, and a warranty that all our products are totally fit for purpose. If you have any reason to complain or are dissatisfied, we pledge to rectify your complaint or reason for dissatisfaction to your complete satisfaction. Email us in the first instance to info@seabase.eu