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Leashes: What’s best for me?

October 24, 2018 / Pani

Defined in ’71 by iconic Californian Pat O’Neill, surfboard leashes keep control of your surfing, holding your board close to you on those wipe-outs, maintaining the safety of yourself and of surfers around you. (There’s nothing worse than seeing an abandoned 9’0 longboard hurtling at you from the whitewater).  Early leashes were made from surgical tubing, but nowadays, they’re made from a strong urethane cord. We worked closely with the hugely respected University of Falmouth’s Marine Technology Department on our Beyond leashes, and with their knowledge and our 40+ years of expertise, our resultant leashes are tough in the water – designed to prevent stress points, reduce breakage, and provide comfort and safety. We only use hi-q German urethane in our leashes, and they’re multi-stitched with rot-proof thread for maximum strength in critical areas. Dial in the unique grapple, a swivel designed to spread flex in a stress area known for breakages in other leashes, and its the recipe for your security in any size wave.

How do you know what leash to go for? You don’t need a 5′ leash for your 8′ board. Use a leash length that’s slightly longer than your board length; a 7′ leash if you have a 6’6″ board, and an 8′ leash for a 7’8″ for example. Just round it up; that should be a perfect size. If you use a leash that’s too long the drag in the water will slow you. Our Beyond leashes vary from 5′ to 10′. Our standard 6′ leashes come in three different types; School (for those who need trust as first timers in Surf Schools), Superlight (for summer fun, thin and lightweight) and Tour (A fuller cord than the Superlight, ideal for when the surf picks up.)

Colour? Black leashes can sometimes get a build up of wax, making them look a little worse for wear over time. Check out the Beyond website, and on our Seabase website, as our new range of leashes will be in soon, with colours like blue and yellow, and smoke in clear cords…..

Attaching the leash to your board is easy. You’ll find a piece of string attached to the end of the rail saver which simply ties (tightly)  in a loop around the leash plug bar. Straight forward, but if you’re still not sure, ask a surfer.

Our team riders are proud users of Beyond leashes (copied, we note, by a major surf company) and Grip Pads – Take a look?