World class surfing on a Seabase surfboard

Our new company sign off is "we are surfing". We are surfing, and have some of the top team riders in Europe and the world to back our claims.  Our team riders all pay for their surfboards, signifying that although they may be sponsored by other people for free surfboard deals, they'd rather ride our surfboards by our in house team of top shapers.
Seabase's world famous surfboard factory team has shaped or currently shapes for Nine Plus, Tunnel Vision, Quiver, Quiver Retro, Stewart, Hobie, HIC, Town and Country and many other European brands. However, Quiver Surfboards is our project - and thats been a very rewarding journey...  When it comes to making surfboards, after 45 years we know what we we are doing.  
Purchasing a custom surfboard from Seabase is worry free - we sell stock boards and custom made surfboards alike - but each one is carefully considered to match your surfing ability.  We do not sell a surfboard just to make a sale, and if we don't think the board is for your ability we'll let you know!  
A surfboard from Seabase comes with a 100% quality manufacturing guarantee.  We have made over 10,000 surfboards. We still only use the very best core products in our manufacturing, and for good reason - the difference in price between a board made using the cheapest generic products on the market and the quality surfboards we sell is marginal.  Our products are tried and tested, many times, before they get to you.  For that reason we stand 100% behind our surfboard's raw materials and manufacturing processes.  Manufacturing issues are extremely rare, but when we make a mistake we correct it.
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Video of Stokesy ripping on his Quiver Surfboard....